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“Mia’s fragrance samples made me feel very feminine and special. I was ‘awwwing’ the entire time while opening the beautifully packaged samples.  Now after two hours of applying one sample on my wrists, it’s still taking me to the clouds whenever I smell it.  In short, I LOVE THIS!”

– Areej, CEO of airSponge, airsponge.com.au, @airSpongeCo


“I was thrilled to receive the beautiful package of perfume samples, but even more thrilled to smell them – what a gorgeous range of fragrances!  They were all styled that I would buy again and will very much enjoy wearing for the next few weeks.  I would definitely recommend anyone to try the perfume samples if they were looking for something different”

– Holly, Anstead QLD


“I loved my fragrance box!  It was so exciting to be able to try five different perfumes over a week, rather than in 10 minutes at a perfume store.  I received lovely comments and was often asked what perfume I was wearing!  Thank you Mia and the Team for helping me out.  I would recommend this service to all!”

– Rachel, Co-Founder of Clothesline App – now known as Bountye.


“I received my perfume samples within a week.  Delivery was quick and the packaging of the parcel was secured.  Mia also ensured that I have received the parcel by asking me via email, providing quality customer service.  I particularly like the letter that comes along with the samples.  The letter has detailed instructions on how to embark and appreciate your fragrance journey.”

– Ying, Accountant, Brisbane QLD


“I was pleasantly surprised to receive a beautiful packaged gift box of perfume samples from Mia of Perfume Profiling.  I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect initially as we only discussed my preference for florals and I was delighted that I did not know four out of five fragrances that were sent.

Experimenting with them was lots of fun – not sure if my husband or I enjoyed the testing more!  I usually try new fragrances at the airport and it is usually rushed, by about the third scent I am overwhelmed…. It takes me a long time to purchase a new perfume, as a result I tend to stick to what I know.  This experience was most enjoyable and I can see it as a useful way of finding a new signature scent.”

– Aysegul, Pullenvale QLD


“I received my package from Mia within a few short days of contacting her.  It was beautifully presented.  My favourite fragrance so far has been the Cherry Blossom solid perfume.  I love the fruitiness and unique solid (balm-like) form of this perfume.  It’s so convenient to pop in my handbag.  I would love to see more fragrances available in this form.  It’s a great idea!”

– Deb, Software Engineer, Blogger, Massage Therapist; @deb.crawford.community


“Delivery time was fantastic.  I liked that I got a follow-up email when it was sent, and also to check I had received it.  It made it feel a lot more organised and that I knew my product was going to be safely and securely sent by reliable hands.  I like the packaging (the ribbon, purple tissue paper and loved the individual letter!!!).  I received the ‘various’ packet of perfume samples.  One of them I absolutely adore and received heaps of compliments wearing it (similar to Flowerbomb, Viktor & Rolf – I was told) – and I am thinking of purchasing the big bottle.  I liked the other four as well, and got compliments on another.

I’m happy I got the various packet as I enjoyed being able to trial a variety and venture out of my comfort zone.  I also like that you provided hints and tips.  All fragrance samples had a great longevity and I love that I was able to trial and own five different high-end perfumes, rather than having to outright purchase only one bottle that I may not like as much.  I also like that they are all unique and quality smelling – this has really changed my perspective on the cheaper chemist perfumes!  Thanks Mia, I really enjoyed this!”

– Joanne, St Lucia QLD


“Thank you so much for sending the perfume samples to me so quickly.  How lovely to receive such a beautifully packaged item in the mail.  The samples were gorgeous in appearance and then each one had its own distinct fresh scent.  I really enjoyed testing each one out and seeing if they were perfumes I would like for my own collection.  I even had my kids giving me some input on what they could smell.

As an avid perfume wearer, I really like the idea of finding out what perfumes actually would suit me and what better way to find out, than sampling some and getting a profile done.  Thank you Mia for providing this lovely service.”

– Natasha, Penrith NSW


“Thank you so much Mia for sending me gorgeous, unique fragrance samples.  It was great to try something completely different to the mainstream fragrances that you get in the department stores and chemists.  I absolutely loved the way the package arrived in a beautiful box with a bow, and the tips and the description about the fragrances was very helpful, thank you!”

– Natasha, Sunnybank Hills QLD


“I am in LOVE with Mia’s niche perfume subscription service. From the moment it arrived I knew it was going to be special. It was beautifully wrapped with a pink bow and enclosed with my perfume bounty was a wonderful letter from Mia which had been deliciously scented.  I pulled at the scented wrapping and was utterly delighted at the treats within.  Mia had created a wonderful and carefully curated collection of Floral fragrances and time was not to be wasted giving each perfect scent a fair trial!  Each scent allowed me to try something new, and to experience something outside of my usual fruity norm which was exactly what I needed!”

I cannot recommend this fragrance subscription service highly enough.  It is curated with love and care by someone who genuinely lives and breathes (no pun intended) fragrances, and wants to pass along this passion to everyone so that they too can feel special and enjoy the diversity a new niche fragrance can bring.”

– Naomi, Brighton QLD


“The fragrance samples arrived really quick and before I expected.  The packaging was really beautiful and would be perfect as a gift.  It consisted of different fragrances samples, which were nice and smooth on my skin.  I loved how the packaging had attention to detail and how the samples were all from different luxurious brands.

If you would like to try different fragrance families, I would recommend you choose the ‘Surprise Me’ box as you will receive a beautiful selection of unique perfumes from different fragrance families.”

– Abhinav, Brisbane QLD

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