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Welcome to our online shop!  Perfume Profiling represents high-quality, luxurious niche European fragrances which are showcased in many exhibitions throughout Europe.  These exhibitions represent excellence in niche signature perfumery houses which show great respect in the science and the art of perfumery and its creativity.  There are strict rules and regulations that apply for European exhibitions with very tough competition from the best in the perfume industry.  Each perfume house must go through several stages through the application process, to successfully be a part of such exhibitions.  As a result of the rigorous application process the perfume houses have to go through to be accepted as a superior perfumery house, Mia has decided to showcase only these opulent niche brands and holds exclusivity for them in Australia through Perfume Profiling.   We have a direct relationship with the proprietor of all the brands we represent, so we can absolutely guarantee that our products are 100% genuine.

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Angela Ciampagna

Angela Ciampagna boutique

The aim of Italian house Angela Ciampagna, is the creation of beautiful, limited edition perfumes, where every single perfume has a unique number, then hand packed individually to guarantee it’s genuine artisanal experience.

David Jourquin

David Jourquin boutique

David’s unusual creations are as unique as he is, right down to the fascinating bottles – precious treasures that embody the best of French craftsmanship.


EgoFacto boutique

Ego Facto retains the traditions of French high-end perfumery, working with the best noses in the profession to create fragrances that will leave an unforgettable scent trail.

Isabey Paris

Isabey boutique

Isabey the ‘sleeping beauty of French perfumery’; it is an art-house that started in 1924. The perfumery was re-launched in 2000, and is aimed at a niche and highly informed clientele.


Molinard boutique

Bold and legendary. Molinard has established itself in the pantheon of the greatest names of French perfumery.

Prudence Paris


Prudence Paris has built her luxury perfume brand to over 35 fragrances, representing her childhood, her travels, and her loves.