Payment Plan



Lay-by Agreement



We are happy to introduce an interest-FREE (yippee!) payment plan for You.  We follow the LAY-BY guidelines from The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

LAY-BY is only available to full-priced goods.


Our LAY-BY period is a maximum of four months and a maximum of four easy payments. You are more than welcome to pay it off sooner.  Goods will not be received until the full price has been paid.


We do not charge a LAY-BY fee (yippee!), provided the LAY-BY is paid in full and You have received the product. However, if the LAY-BY is cancelled, We will then charge an administration fee of $10, which will be debited from the total amount of monies owed to You.


Our LAY-BY Agreement is only for purchases above $100 at the full priced LAY-BY Procedure.


The LAY-BY deposit is the first payment which is due immediately.  Depending on your requirements, the next payments will be due on an agreed date.


Fragrance samples, sales items, and face-to-face Perfume Profiling Consultations.


You can cancel Your LAY-BY agreement with us anytime before delivery of the goods to you.  If you cancel, We must refund all amounts paid by You, less Our LAY-BY fee stated above.  This fee will only be refunded to You, if the LAY-BY cancellation is canceled by Us.

We will only cancel the LAY-BY Agreement if: 1) You have breached a term of the agreement, for example, You fail to make scheduled payments on time, or 2) We are no longer engaged in trade or commerce or with that particular supplier, or 3) The goods are no longer available due to circumstances outside the supplier’s or Our control.

Next Steps

Please complete the form below.  We will then reply to You with an invoice, which will include the LAY-BY AGREEMENT Terms and Conditions.  The invoice will show the full price of the products and allow you to pay an installment.

For example, you might like to put a bottle of perfume ($250) on LAY-BY over four months with four payments.  In this case, We would send You an invoice for $250, with a minimum payment (25% deposit) of $62.50 due immediately.  Then You will receive reminders for the next payments due.

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Your Message - please state what You would like to place on LAY-BY and how long You would like the payments to be over. The payments must not exceed four months and must be between two or four payments. (required)

Thank you for taking the time to make this enquiry. We will get back to you as soon as possible.